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DONOR Serialized Novels

~One drop of her  blood~

The moment when you realize sleeping without a nightlight
did nothing to prepare you
for the dark chasing you into daylight . . .?
Yeah. That.

 ~Could start a war~

Only when I face life on the run alone do I realize
how well Mama trained me to protect myself.
If only she’d had time to explain
why her tears turned to crystals when we parted,
and what I’m destined to become.

~And bring an end to Humankind~

Now I can trust no one, especially Enoch.
This all started the day he showed up looking for me
and he seems to be everywhere I go—before I get there.
Is he one of the Undying? Or something Other?
The answer may be my deliverance . . .
or make me wish I were dead.

 ~ *** ~